Confidently make the best financial decisions

Wealth CEO can give you clarity, control, and confidence in your future.

our company mission

Wealth CEO exists to empower you to best steward your resources - freeing up mental margin, taking away fear and anxiety, and finding better ways to manage and grow your wealth - in order to provide your desired lifestyle and create impact and legacy through sustainable wealth management and strategies.

Our Client goals

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Be empowered to effectively and confidently make financial decisions that help you protect, manage, and grow your wealth.

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Learn how to keep more money and pay less taxes.

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Receive top-notch advice, guidance, expertise, and support at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

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Select the right players on your financial team to retain and scale your wealth.

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Reduce risk of perilous investments, unnecessary tax burdens, and indecisive or ineffective strategies.

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Know you have a trusted confidante and A+ advisor on your side to guide you when opportunities arise.

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Free up margin to allow you to focus on your priorities and passions in life.

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Build your impact and legacy.

Our Clients

alex, 29

income: $1-1.5 Million


"I started working with Sam just prior to the sale of my business valued at 8+ figures. By creating a detailed exit plan with him, I was able to defer or eliminate almost all of the taxes incurred from the sale - saving me a huge amount of money. Additionally, Sam was invaluable in both designing and implementing my wealth plan - negotiating with professionals and saving me on fees as well as setting me up with passive income. After working with Wealth CEO to design my strategy and plans while selling my business, it felt like I had a multi-year shortcut to creating the wealth security I craved!"

Richard, 45

Net worth: $6.5-7 Million


"Before I started working with Wealth CEO, I was overpaying in taxes, under utilizing my capital & human resources, and feeling indecisive with my financial journey. After I started working with Sam, I quickly experienced measurable results that reduced my tax burden and increased my passive cash flow. I had confidence - derived from clarity on my situation - that I once thought was unattainable. Understanding and intentionally designing my balance sheet empowered me to be decisive and strategic - the money I saved W was just a bonus!"

Kristen, 32

Net worth: $10-12.5 Million

Founder of Start Up Online Enterprise

"After working with a variety of different high level professionals, I had the belief that managing my wealth was always going to be difficult and expensive. By adding Sam to the team I gained a high level clarity that simplified my financial understanding and created clarity around my best financial moves. he clarity of having someone who understands the whole picture has saved me immeasurable time and money working with other professionals.Sam got me out of the middle of coordinating all the professionals and allowed me to enjoy the process of wealth management!"

*Names and details have been altered to protect client privacy.
*Wealth CEO works with clients who have a net worth of $5 million + or an annual income of $500,000+.

You need a trusted advisor who will act on your best interest

Think of the first time you tried something – maybe riding a bike as a kid, learning a life skill, or starting your first company. It felt hard at first, but as you learned, it got easier. In the same way, your financial situation is unchartered territory for you and you need to learn how to manage it well.

The reality is that you’ve never been in this current economic climate, managing this amount of wealth, and at this age in life. So, you need to be able to rely on a trusted advisor for guidance. Together, you will be able to handle the big decisions with confidence to know you are creating the life you desire.

Sam Prentice

Founder & Chief Financial Strategist