Strategic Design for Wealth Management

Wealth CEO can give you clarity, control, and confidence in your future.

Your lifestyle, impact, and legacy is our top priority.

Wealth CEO coordinates the strategic design and implementation of wealth management plans, focusing on eliminating waste, optimizing growth, and leveraging resources, in order to create exponential impact.

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Gain Clarity

Wealth CEO takes a comprehensive 360-degree view of wealth management, integrating systems, strategies, and teams to achieve set goals.

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Increase efficiency

Wealth CEO empowers their clients to save more of their money by reducing taxation, unnecessary losses, and expenses in order to increase efficiency.

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optimize growth

Wealth CEO aligns the strategic design with the futuristic vision; creating optimized plans for growth and impact.

360° Wealth Management

Wealth CEO specializes in a comprehensive approach to facilitating wealth management.

Wealth CEO helps you to understand multi-faceted wealth management, in order to make the best educated decisions for your future. We work hard to protect your interests and maintain your priorities; empowering you to protect, grow, and leverage your money.

For over a decade, I’ve worked exclusively with high net worth entrepreneurs...

Immersing myself in the world of finance and wealth management, and developing an understanding and depth of knowledge that far surpasses any single information source. I’m passionate about making sure you have a qualified team in place to allow you to live in a mindset of abundance and leave a greater impact on the world. I work hard to constantly stay abreast of financial opportunities and economic trends, so that I can make the best recommendations for my clients. My goal is to join your team and provide high-level coordination and feedback while working collaboratively with you to help you build wealth and create the lifestyle and legacy you desire.

Sam Prentice

Founder & Chief Financial Strategist

You can achieve exponential growth

100% control

Proactively look for ways to empower each client to make the best financial decisions and that will allow them to keep more of their money.

Regain mental margin

Build infrastructure and communication channels within your team to save time, reduce stress, and take advantage of timely opportunities.

Reach Financial Milestones

Eliminate waste and stay in alignment with your macro-goals by mapping the right course of micro-decisions.

Enjoy the journey

Help clients live with the confidence of generating greater wealth and finding the joy of making a positive impact for generations to come.


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Wealth CEO charges a monthly fee and is not commission-driven


“I work with my clients to provide greater clarity in what they should do with their wealth, so that they can have more confidence in how they are nurturing it to grow. The result is clear, measurable results towards achieving the success they desire.”

Sam Prentice

Founder & Chief Financial Strategist